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What We Do

SaaS Support

Are you relying on your most tech-savvy employee to support your company?

We can help you save money, repurpose your employees time to revenue-generating work and provide the technical expertise on demand.

Saas Administration

Do you waste hours trying to be more efficient, only to discover your efforts resulted in failure and lost time?

We can help you recoup time with expertly designed automated workflows and efficient app configurations.

SaaS Solutions

Are you considering moving to SaaS services? Do you have a plan?

We provide solutions and services for moving data, designing workflows and setting up teams with SaaS services quickly, securely and efficiently.

SaaS Backup and Recovery

Have you experienced data loss, downtime or data being unavailable?

We provide secure cloud backup and recovery options for your valuable Intellectual Property.

SaaS Migration

Is your company scaling up and planning a move to a SaaS application or service?

We can help you clean, transform and move your data securely from an on-premise or SaaS application.

SaaS Monitoring

Do you know who is using what app to access or manage your company data? 

Our team has the tools to monitor and manage your teams SaaS usage, reveal insights, track cost and more. 


Professional Services

Our services help companies and Managed Service Providers optimize how they do business. We provide the support and administration for CRMs, marketing automation, cloud database, cloud infrastructure, managed integrations, websites and eCommerce.

We Create and Support Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Our Mission

The Terradare mission is to help companies boost revenue and lower cost to do business when investing in automated systems.

Our Vision

The Terradare vision is to provide our clients a source of trusted advisory expertise and reliable support services.