Terradare was founded, by Nicole Darechuk in 2015, with a mission to provide creative solutions to companies that want to improve how they do business by combining technology and people-focused processes.

This has been a passion of Nicole’s for many years while working for some small and some large organizations whilst also performing the day-to-day tasks. Having to juggle both would often led to ebbs and flows in finishing projects and making improvements. A common problem in most organizations (or so we hear!)

Solution? Start a company that 1) provides consistent focus and 2) keep the services simple.

It was just one small change that resulted in the launch of this company. We have grown through our own iterative innovations throughout the years.

Behind the Brand

The name ‘Terradare’ was inspired by Nicole’s father, Terry Darechuk, who had passed away a few years before the company was founded. He supported and encouraged her love for computing technology and was an exemplary role model in his own right working in technology for over 20 years. ‘Terra’ is a derivation of ‘Terry’ combined with ‘Dare’ to honour the family name.

The inverted pyramid represents a style of empowering teams that are at the heart of operations for any business. They are the business cog managers that know the ins and outs of processes and provide the information, leaders and managers can depend on to make the best decisions for the organization overall.

About Us

As an organization, Terradare is focused on supporting its’ clients with iterative innovative solutions as a means of providing consistency and simplistic approaches to making changes that are the least disruptive.

Ask yourselves...why “throw out” what is working for you, when you can spend less time and money by making iterative changes to improve it?

Answer: You don’t have to.