Converting A Web Visitor to A Lead

Marketing efforts often focus on establishing a guided path to convert web visitors to viable leads. It typically starts with an ad campaign that directs the ideal “buyer persona” to a specific page on your website, hoping that visitor then enters their contact information into a form Sales can action and Marketing can nurture. If the form doesn’t get submitted often enough, it’s sometimes back to the drawing board for the Marketing Team to modify the campaign and Sales has nothing to action in the meantime.

What if there was a way to convert a web visitor to a lead…before the form is submitted? With insights into activities and well connected systems, you can proactively convert a web visitor to a lead.

Uncover Anonymous Web Visitors

Identify the businesses that visit your website but don't inquire. Access full information about those businesses including:

  • Business Name

  • Telephone Number

  • Address

  • Industry & Company size

Close sales leads you never knew you had

When a whopping 98% of B2B web visitors don't make an inquiry, you could be missing out on leads that are in the market to buy. Turn website visitors into sales leads by uncovering exactly what they looked at on your website and for how long, and increase your conversion to sale.

Action leads before your competitors

Gain the competitive advantage with real time alerts when visitors of a chosen criteria visit your site. Create watch lists and be alerted when businesses of interest visit and automatically assign leads to your Sales Team to action.