The Terradare Team provides solutions for addressing business challenges

Our goal is to re-use what you have that works and optimize it with innovative and iterative updates to your processes by combining scale-able technology and tailored systems.

We want to make sure your challenges are addressed and your goals are achieved. Our Consulting packages come with the essentials to provide you peace of mind, we are your go-to team to roll out updates to your business.

Consultation packages include:

  • Dedicated Implementation Specialists

    We will dedicate person(s) doing the work behind the scenes.

  • Setup and configuration of systems

    We will provide setup and configuration, according to plan, from start to finish, of your systems.

  • Online or live classroom training

    We will ready your team to ensure they can use the new system.

  • 30 days post-launch support services

    We want to assure successful adoption of the systems and change, in the first 30 days after roll out.

  • Planning meetings

    We will meet with you and your team to prepare for roll-out and throughout the project as required.

  • Project Manager

    From planning preparation to planning change, your dedicated Project Manager will manage all aspects of the project plan.

  • Project plan

    We prepare the plan and manage it from start to finish.

  • Regular status updates

    You’ll be kept up to date when tasks are starting and when they are finished.


Why choose us?

We design and optimize business systems to run cost-effectively and automate work effort to help you grow.


Our Packages

System Setup and Configuration

From system sourcing through to roll-out, our team will help you get set up with your next cloud-based system. We specialize in CRM, marketing, reporting, database, quote-to-cash,eCommerce, email and customer support platforms.

System setup and configuration options available:

  • Subscription management

  • Workflow setup

  • Integration configuration (Zapier, Workato, API)

  • Reports and dashboards creation

  • Setup of users and profiles

  • Setup of permission sets and validation rules

  • Integration setup

  • Template creation

  • Documentation

  • Strategic plans and roadmaps

  • Rules of Engagement

  • On-boarding material creation

  • Domain linking

  • Email and calendar integration

Data Migrations

Switching from spreadsheets to cloud-based systems, can be simplified by our team. While seemingly cost-effective to Do-It-Yourself, we strongly recommend (based on our experience) to entrust a team like ours to manage, clean and transfer your data.

Migration packages options available:

  • Data Management*

    • Cleaning and formatting of contact names, phone numbers, personal identifiers and company names

    • Address, name and contact format standardization

    • County, state/province, country and regional data mapping and standardization

    • Picklist data value mapping and standardizing

    • Data merging and splitting

    • Data translation

  • Custom object import and export

  • HTML email import and export

  • Attachment (eg. files stored) import/export

  • Direct Data Sync*

Business Solutions

We specialize in cloud systems and recognize our clients have limited time to look for more solutions to compliment those systems and processes while addressing business challenges beyond the scope of our efforts.

Solutions available include:

  • Websites

  • Marketing services

  • Subscription management

  • Cloud email services

  • Cloud data storage

  • Network security

  • User activity monitoring

  • IT management

  • Support management

  • Project Management

We work with select Partners and can connect you for an initial introduction or manage the ongoing relationship on your behalf.

We offer you the opportunity to outsource your next project to our team. We’ll do all of the heavy lifting.

*The Data Management and Direct Data Sync is available as a monthly support service to keep your database and systems clean. If you require ongoing system management, please contact us for more information about our monthly support plans.


Our Process

Our approach to consulting on projects starts with meeting with you and your team to 1) understand the challenge being faced and 2) understand the goal or outcome desired when the challenge is addressed and 3) understand your short- and long-term plans for the business or business unit.

With information in hand, we will present to you a solution aligned to your plans and your business and a total cost for service with no hidden fees.

Once a solution is accepted, we 1) prepare your project plan 2) begin implementation then 3) prepare your team for launch with training.

To get started, submit your request to schedule an opportunity assessment with us or book an appointment online.