Creative SaaS Solutions

SaaS solutions provide you the ability to work, sell and serve virtually, globally


Sell products & services 24/7, globally with custom fulfillment, shopping experiences, optimized seo set up and design for your target market. Connect online ads and social media campaigns to drive traffic and conversions to customer.

Operational Automation

Manage customers internally with ease using custom designed workflows built to optimize productivity cross-functionally. Automated data transfers and transformations enable accurate syncing across SaaS applications.

Business Intelligence

KPIs and metrics driving business decisions in clicks and seconds. Connect SaaS Applications to a centralized reporting system or database with automated updates, data transformations, alerting and monitoring of key events.

Marketing Automation

From web lead to client onboarding, nurture and convert using intelligent workflows and automated campaigns managed with marketing SaaS applications connected to sales CRM and tools built for generating insights.

We Design and Deliver Creative Technology Solutions

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Making SaaS Solutions Work For You

Terradare’s expert Technical Analysts and Developers will craft tailored solutions that fit your business, workflow and team. 

Terradare SaaS Supports Teams

Getting Started 

1. Select Your Base Plan

Choose from a QuickStart packageEssentials, Premium plan


2. Choose Your Options

Add or remove services and expand support to add more users as your business shifts and your team grows. 

3. We Grow With You

Add more services as your team grows and we will continue to support you with help from Analysts, Project Managers, Solution Designers and more!

Getting Started with SaaS

Terradare’s experience and expertise takes the guesswork out of how to best use your apps and how to make changes efficiently

Fully Managed Set up

When you need changes to support business operations or have questions about making things more efficient, Terradare is your “go-to” team. We design and deliver a complete setup and supported SaaS systems.

Customized Integrations

We are big fans of integrated systems and automated data flow. Data will be handled systematically using customized connections we design, develop and support for your company.

Free Migrations* and Imports

Systems change and data sources expand. We provide free migrations and unlimited data imports with our Premium support plans.


*Free migrations to existing or new systems are included with 1-year SaaS Administration plans.

Why SaaS?

SaaS enables teams and companies to reach both local and global audiences. From direct to consumer and B2B, SaaS is the cost-effective solution to enable business growth.

Choose from automated data flows between your CRM and website, automatic invoicing with cloud accounting solutions, virtual project management, eCommerce for services and products and much more!

SaaS-Focused experts can help you navigate the SaaS space.

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We love showcasing the innovation our clients have for making their technology investment work for them. We look forward to sharing their stories of transforming their business operations to SaaS Automated Workflows.  

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