A services, strategies  & solutions provider specializing in online SaaS automation and Business Intelligence. 

We streamline your business processes.


How do you manage your business process & information?

Reduce overhead on Lead, sales and customer management.

Create marketing, finance and support workflow automation.

Retain customers with improved time to deliver goods & services.

Lead funnel

Create strategic plans with KPIs & metrics.

Effect big or small change to move forward.

Measure the results & repeat or revamp.


Are you ready to move to SaaS?

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CRMs, marketing automation platforms, lead management, project management and more make it viable for businesses to focus effort on planning vs. doing. 

We can help integrate processes and systems with existing process and business systems such as, Microsoft Dynamics, Insightly, Quickbooks, Pardot, Zapier & more. 

Let us take you one step further and help you tap into your data to create actionable dashboards & simplified reports to help manage your business more effectively.

There are hundreds of apps in the marketplace ranging from free to thousands of dollars. We'll narrow the scope of choice to the optimal one that is a best fit for your needs and ideally your budget. 

What are your business "challenges"?

Terradare Engagement Cycle

How we work with your team in 3 steps

  1. We interview your team & familiarize ourselves with your business. 

  2. We provide you with a proposal & high-level plan.  

  3. We deep-dive in to manage & implement the project plan, process mappings, documentation and training.

We Analyze. We Design. We Implement. We Train.

From strategic planning to post-implementation training, we are your "one-stop" shop to streamline your operational business process.


Ready for positive changes? Let us help you.

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