‍‍‍Step 1: Designing the system

During the initial phase, information is gathered and assessed to create the system design tailored to your teams processes. The applications th‍‍‍at best fit the process are chosen and the design of the system is created.

Consultations & meetings with the team are key inputs to system design.

Step 2: Setting up the system

Custom configuration and set‍‍‍ up of the systems chosen, by experts at Terradare will help your team get started fast and ensure the system is aligned to the processes in place.

Getting started with a system to support team processes can be fast with expert help from Terradare.‍‍‍

Step 3: Training the team

Trust our experts to train your team and provide the "how-to" for future employee on-boarding in digital, print and classroom style.

Completing the system roll-out requires team training.

Our Methodology

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