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Managed SaaS Services


Comprehensive SaaS Coverage

Managed SaaS provides you with complete coverage to keep your systems and company running smoothly



Backup and Recovery


Data Migration

Audit and Monitoring

We Support and Manage Integrated Systems and Teams So You Can Focus On Your Business

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SaaS Support, Administration and Management

Terradare’s expert Technical Analysts and Developers will help to resolve daily challenges with ease. Connect with us by phone, email or online, to get support when you need it

Terradare SaaS Supports Teams

Getting Started 

1. Select Your Base Plan

Choose from our fully managed Essentials, Premium or build your own support plan to suit the level required.


2. Choose Your Options

Add or remove services and expand support to add more users as your business shifts and your team grows. 

3. We Grow With You

Add more services as your team grows and we will continue to support you with help from Analysts, Project Managers, Solution Designers and more!

Getting Started with SaaS

Terradare’s experience and expertise takes the guesswork out of how to best use your apps and how to make changes efficiently

Fully Managed Set up

When you need changes to support business operations or have questions about making things more efficient, Terradare is your “go-to” team. We design and deliver a complete setup and supported SaaS systems.

Customized Integrations

We are big fans of integrated systems and automated data flow. Data will be handled systematically using customized connections we design, develop and support for your company.

Free Migrations* and Imports

Systems change and data sources expand. We provide free migrations and unlimited data imports with our Premium support plans.


*Free migrations to existing or new systems are included with 1-year SaaS Administration plans.

Why SaaS Data Management?

We provide secure cloud backup and recovery options for your valuable SaaS application data. Available as an add-on to the Essentials and Premium plans.

Backups Guarantee your Uptime

SaaS services guarantee 24/7 uptime except during maintenance windows or when unforseen circumstances arise. This can leave you wondering if your data is recoverable or accessible. 

Automated Backup Service

will   We recommend going beyond random data backups. We design and implement daily backup solutions to ensure your data is accessible and recoverable from secure data stores. 

Secure Data Stores

Choose from AWS, Microsoft Azure and more as your data repository we manage to post data backups, data copies and provide limited access to data for select teams.


Using secure cloud backup solutions not only provide the means to safely store data, it is also provides the opportunity to create a customized reporting engine database source. Terradare is fully equipped to create custom report engines using these data sources to expand reporting beyond your licensed SaaS users. 

Client Stories

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Terradare Case Studies

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We love showcasing the innovation our clients have for making their technology investment work for them. We look forward to sharing their stories of transforming their business operations to SaaS Automated Workflows.  

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